Rachael Daylong Mills

Rachael grew up in a blended family of 10 people. With 4 older sisters and 3 younger siblings, she was able to develop the thick skin needed to accomplish years of culinary school and restaurant work. After attending The Culinary Institute of America in both Hyde Park, NY and San Antonio, TX, Rachael knew she was ready to embark on a cooking adventure that did not revolve around line cooks and sous chefs.

Originally she wanted to become a food writer, but where is the fun is sitting at a desk? So she veraciously pursued a career in both recipe development and testing, stumbling upon food styling as a mistake. Little did Rachael know her eye for plating that she honed in school would be the greatest gift she had.

She quickly went from styling a spoon of ketchup for Cooking Light magazine to national brand campaigns for industry behemoths like Coca-Cola, Red Lobster, and Chick-fil-A. Just as important as the time she spends working, Rachael also has many hobbies. Most likely you can find her at home, wrangling her two German shepherd dogs, but sometimes she can be seen boating at Lake Lanier, or grabbing drinks in Midtown with her handsome husband, Andy. 

Rachael has many personality traits, but she prides herself on being an optimistic person who is calm under fire. She loves to help anyone in need, and hopes to continue doing so far into the future.